Here you can see all the demo derby videos, past and present, from the derby seasons that have aired online. I film the entire process from buying cars, stripping, building, running, repairing, and scraping to do it all over again.


Not sure if an idea will work on a car? Don’t worry, we are here to test it out first so everyone can see the results. If you don’t see a video that you are looking for, not a problem. Go to the Contact Me page and send any suggestions for future videos.
       Using the latest quality HD video camcorders, step into the behind the scenes Demolition Derby world. Learn how to shop for a derby car that fits your needs, build custom driveshafts, rebuild carburetors, control how the frame bends, earn sponsors and much more, in the How-To videos section. After you find a car to buy, then the stripping and building can begin. Check out the Derby Topics section to learn about the many methods and ideas you can apply during the building process to a derby car. Finally to wrap it all up, be sure to tune in to our weekly videos that air during every season. There, you can see all of the How-To videos and Derby Topics applied to building a car in real life and watch many new ideas tested out along the way. 






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